Feeling Bad? It Is Actually Good.

You’re feeling bad over the bullshit you just did. Feeling a kind of regret that you haven’t blasted on one of your employees, as you know if you were at his place you would have done more rubbish.

Believe me, not everybody feels the same way after doing something negative. It is only nature of good human, who own their mistakes. They say yes to self accountability, say mistake to mistake, and try to avoid those negative steps in future.

So if you ever feel bad or regret on what you did wrong to someone. It is actually good and it helps you to be a better human.

And if you are someone who doesn’t feel any bad over the destructive act(s), you’re in danger.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Bad? It Is Actually Good.

  1. Hi Waqas,

    Yes it is very important to think about those acts which seriously have impact on your and others life. But sometimes thinking and feeling bad a lot about same reason didn’t allow you to do your next steps, so it is necessary to take quick steps in these kind of conditions.

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