Why You Need to Paint Future Now

Some of you might know, my business is to help businesses make meaning and money by building communities. Here is what I was suggesting to one of my team members Sidra today.

“Try to predict, by using your background knowledge, skills and common sense. If you will start predicting, then in coming days you’ll learn.”

1. Why you were wrong.
2. Why you were right.
3. Or anything in between.

But if you start waiting like everyone else out there in the industry, you’ll not learn anything at all. You’ll just be one who’ll be clapping by seeing others clapping.

What does it means to you? I mean to say that, even if you are not sure of exact impact or result of your actions, it doesn’t mean you should not take one.

Take action now, start making drawing picture of yourself or of your business, and tell us how it will look like.

Tell us, why it will look so in coming weeks and months.

You might get wrong, it doesn’t matter that much. My intentions is to encourage you, to teach to yourself, how to make things happen.

So no matter if you are one man show, or a large organization. Start making a drawing of, how you’ll look in next few months.

If you will get wrong, you’ll learn.

If you will get right, you’ll learn.

But if you’ll just wait, nothing is going to happen.

PS. If you’re interested to share your business plan or think I can help in any way, do not hesitate to catch me. 😉

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